PLN Activity 7


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The blog I’d like to review today was created by a man named Dean Shareski. While browsing through his site, I found a variety of insightful information whether it was videos he’d created or presentations he’s given. Dean writes about the world of modern education and shares some of his thoughts on technology in the classroom.

One blog post that I found particularly valuable and relevant to our SPED 312 class revolves around Dean’s thought that “if we really want to assess school we need to include evaluation and assessments that happen years after a course.” In his blog post, he did just that. Reaching out to students he had years back in the first classroom to ever use pod casts, he asked his students to reflect on how his class may have influenced them (if at all) later on in life.

To touch base with them, he decided to meet via a video chatting program. The students he talked with were asked whether the things they’d learned from his class made a difference in their lives. Majority of the students said that the course he taught did impact their teaching careers and they find themselves using what he’s taught every day.

I thought what Dean had to share about his assessment philosophies was rather insightful. His perspective that you can’t truly tell how much a student learned from your class unless you test them years in advance is something that resonated within my own beliefs. I think they should implement more long-term testing in education to see whether students are actually retaining the information they learn.

He also encourages his students to blog, and even refers to himself as a life-long subscriber to their blog posts. I found this ironic considering the class that I’m blogging for is my Technology in Education course. It makes me wonder whether I will continue to keep up with my colleague’s blogs in the future (I hope I do!) This also really made me realize how powerful a tool blogging is because you’re sharing your ideas with the entire world! (how neat is that)


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