PLN Activity 5


Part One | Ignite!

Ignite is a wonderful and highly interactive tool you can make presentations with. It is unique because you can not only record audio, but also film the computer screen at the same time! This makes it easy to explain how-tos, abstract concepts, and endless other ideas. In my Ignite video, I chose to talk about a topic I hold near and dear to my heart: my family. Although I did have some issues with the recording tool, I managed to fill up most of the 5 minute time constraint.

Part Two | Twitter

Vicki Davis shared an interesting article about all of the ways the Internet and Social Media has changed our world. The article provides a graphic representation of the different information/tools that are available thanks to the Internet. It also discusses how the Internet has caused “huge shifts in ideologies and an ongoing rethink in how we absorb and process information.”

Okle Miller shared a link to MacinVIA, a website that provides access to ebooks and online databases. What I liked about this tweet was that with the advancement in technology, powerful resources like books are becoming more and more available. Ebooks are efficient because they can provide you with a 30 pound textbook that is completely weightless, and you can access it anywhere there’s Internet.

Steven W. Anderson copied a link to a very informative article regarding all of the resources for digital learning. Some of the resources it highlights are research/curation, ebooks/reading, common core lesson plans, tools for teaching, and unique apps for the iPad that can aid in teaching lessons.


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