PLN Activity 2


This video challenges viewers to move forward in the integration of technology in classroom instruction. There were some exceptional points worth taking into consideration that I will cover in this blog.

The first idea from the video that really caught my eye was the school that uses technology to stimulate learning and also train them to think systematically about abstract concepts. I think that while some may find schools that are heavily based on the use of technology controversial, it is at least an idea worth pondering. Like the video mentioned, if we’re teaching our students today the same ways we taught yesterday, we’re robbing them of tomorrow. Students need exposure to the new forms of technology that are out there so they can make them even better.

While watching this video, I also couldn’t help but think how it was interesting that the technology class i’m currently enrolled in is my first ever class of it’s kind. Before this semester, the only experience i’d had with technology was outside of school.

While some parts of me agree with the idea that students can get too involved with technology to the point of addiction, I think it’d be foolish to completely ignore it with that reasoning. Educators need to remain sensitive to the fact that technology isn’t something that will ever go away. Kids who are interested and intrigued by new gadgets will turn into teenagers who remain intrigued by it’s complexities.

Another idea brought up in the video was the power of collaboration. I am a strong activist for this instructional method because I think it’s the most effective way for students to not only learn new things but also retain the information.

What it all boils down to:

Lectures are not cutting it anymore.

I can speak for majority of the students my age when I say that i’ve been through way too many lectures that turned into reading Facebook profiles. Lectures lose my attention as quickly as they begin. The only reason they still survive in today’s education world is the fact that it’s a cheap method of teaching a large number of students information. 

It’s time to start looking for alternative ways to teach children without sacrificing their attention span. As the video expressed, humans don’t learn from words. We learn best from hands on experiences and real life situations.

Some of the other concepts I felt were worth highlighting were:

  • teaching things through youtube/learning
  • kids teaching other kids
  • learning outside of the school matters for the inside of the school
  • workshops set up as games for teenagers
  • scavenger hunt based around technology and exploring
  • going into community and exploring real world issues

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